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CAPTCHA broken(?)


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I’ve been living with that CAPTCHA every time I open Atariage, but now there seems to be a problem. Every time I open the site on a mobile device, the CAPTCHA tells me over and over again “Please try again” for no particular reason. I have to complete 10-15 tests until the thing finally gives in and admits that I am a human. Pretty much forces me to use a VPN every time I access the site. Seriously, are there more scammers in Korea then in Singapore?

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Sorry to hear about the issues with the CAPTCHA.  That page is from Cloudflare (which acts as a reverse proxy for AtariAge), and it should not be failing in the way you described. It should ask you once and then allow you to use the site for some period of time before it shows that screen again.  Unfortunately, we get a TON of spammers and bots from South Korea, which is why that barrier was erected in the first place (along with other countries like China, India, Vietnam, etc.) 


I'll write Cloudflare's support to ask them what is going on.  If you can send me some screenshots of what you're seeing, that might be helpful.


Thank you,



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What’s odd about this is that it only happens to mobile devices, and it only occasionally fixes itself if I try on other networks (although it doesn’t most of the time). 

This is the “error message”. It shows over and over, sometimes more times than I had patience to continue.


 Thanks for helping :) 


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