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Model III (maybe IV) Infocom Collection


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Here's something I did (for me) and thought I'd share.  I have a restored Model III with a Gotek, and no real floppy drive - yet.


So, because I'm obsessive, I created clean booting image files of all 24 Infocom games ever released for the TRS-80.  At least, I think it's all of them.  Also, they are all the very latest Revisions of each game.  All 24 are HFE Gotek-ready images, but of course they have DMK images inside, so they can be extracted.  Exercise for the reader...


I wish others would share stuff like this, I know I'd sure appreciate it.  It takes a good bit of time & effort to put collections together.


Model III Infocom.zip

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21 hours ago, jhd said:

Do you also happen to have the Tandy exclusive Pyramid 2000? (There was a cut-down version made for the Coco, too.)


I ask because both it and Zork were derived from the original game Colossal Cave

I do have that.  One of the first games for the TRS-80, and quite possibly the first computer game I ever played!  It's not nearly up to Infocom standards, though.  I believe that's available - among many other things, here -> http://cpmarchives.classiccmp.org/trs80.php

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I am interested in getting some images for GOTEK drive on my Model III and my Model 4P - i have found little information on how to do this.  Because of time I would love to find someone who could help me make these or even buy one premade...I just don't have a lot of time to spend learning and making but would love to have a software collection to play with.


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