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No push mechanism for SD Card slot


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I just recently purchased your base Harmony cartridge and received it today. You guys are very fast at delivery and I appreciate that. My problem is that I noticed that my Harmony does not have the spring loaded eject mechanism but I am able to put an SD card inside. I turned on the Atari with the Harmony and I am able to see the menu on the screen but when I press the button to select a file nothing happens. I can see the folders in the menu but I cannot navigate to them. Unfortunately, I do not have the original Atari 2600 joysticks so I am using a Sega Genesis controller. I really want to play the Harmony. Can you please help me out? Do I have a defective Harmony because it does not have the push design for the SD Card slot? 
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The new Harmony Carts don't have spring loading SD mechanisms. If I remember correctly it became sourcing issue or a cost cutting measure. I can't help you with the Sega Controller issue. I don't use them as controllers.


A quick search brought up this topic. 



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