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Track & Field + Endless Runner


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I was tidying my dev folders today, doing backups and just generally going through stuff and I realised that I'd never actually posted up the tech-demo's / proof of concept files that I put together for a Sonic themed endless runner and also Track and Field (May 2020 ish I think).


So here they are ??️


Just to be clear, right now, I do not qualify either as remotely "game like" at this time. They are not active projects and they are just tests or tech demo's to see "what if", so please don't consider them to be "work in progress"! :) 


If I return to them (it's likely I'll return to T&F at some point - but starting from scratch) then I'll take very different approaches as I've learnt a lot over the last year and there are lots of things I'd do differently. 


Anyway as these aren't going to be developed further for now, I've uploaded them here as curiosities for you guys to take a look at if you like. Should work in most emulators and on Concerto & Dragonfly.


[edit] They are set to NTSC palettes so expect funky colours if you run them on a PAL unit.

[edit2] The endless runners have some control interaction, T&F does not.




Endless_Runner_2.a78 Endless_Runner_1.a78 TrackField_tech_demo.a78

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