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My Vectrex just died!


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So I'd just put the latest version of Circus Vectrex on to my VecFlash for testing on the Vectrex before burning it to eproms for the cartridges, turned it on and...

Nothing, no picture, no sound, no buzz, no dot in the centre of the screen, no glow from the back of the tube. Nothing.


Is it likely that this is just the on/off switch that's gone? Before it died it was taking a bit of time to show the screen after it was switched on, and the vectors had a lot of drift until it was left for a few minutes to 'heat up.'


I'm wondering whether this is worth me taking a look at myself or if there is anyone who does Vectrex repairs in the UK?

If it is the switch can I just short this out with a bit of wire?

Unfortunately development of the 'Circus Vectrex' cartridge, and anything else, is pretty-much dead in the water without a working Vectrex!


Any thoughts?

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Yes, tried it with nothing attached, no power whatsoever.

I suppose I could see if any power is coming out of the transformer, then see if anything is coming through the switch.

if it is the switch I can live with just bypassing it.


If it's more complicated than that I may need to get someone else to look at it.

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Well I can handle a fuse or probably even the power switch myself.


I can solder but replacing all the caps myself wouldn't by my first choice. 

I solder when I really, really, have to but I've never really wanted to... Just never liked soldering!

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