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Multicolor sprites

dr. kwack

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So, I'm tinkering with Superman. I'm going to put Lex Luthor in his classic 70's green/purple outfit, but I have a question: Instead of his helicopter pack, I want a simpler jet pack. Since his shirt shares the same area/lines as his pack, is it possible to color the pack grey? Or will it have to be the same color as his shirt?

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multicolored 2600 players (sprites) are limited to 1 color per scanline, so the only way to get the jet pack to be a different color would be to modify the game to use another player(sprite) to draw the jetpack.  Due to how Superman is written, that would just increase flicker.


If the jetpack is just a square you could draw it using the ball or one of the missiles, but you wouldn't be able to control the color. Ball would be the same color as the buildings, missile 0 would be the same colors as non-superman objects, while missile 1 would be the colors of Superman.

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