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Iconic Hi-Fi towers, equipment for marine, military and diving (Radmor)


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Have you ever heard about Hi-Fi audio systems produced by Radmor? Let me invite you to watch a bit untypical video about one very interesting exhibition:


Iconic Hi-Fi towers, equipment for marine, military and diving (Radmor)


*** Reportage from the exhibition dedicated to the legendary Radmor company products. Do you remember those iconic Hi-Fi towers from the 80's? In addition, equipment for ships, divers and army. Welcome!  ***





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"Legendary"? "Iconic"? Maybe, if you come from communist-era Poland. Also, back then people used to buy them, but still wish they had a Technics or Sony instead. Not sure anybody from outside here heard about them, and not many youngsters either.


My uncle used to work there. Gotta call him up, tell him about the "legendary" status ;)

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True but still many people dreamed about Radmor product. And now many people regret that they sold or throw away their products and the prices of second hand devices are quite high on Polish "ebay" called allegro.


Moreover please note that in the transformation era 80/90s many Polish audio/tv companies were destroyed. Radmor survived and they are managing quite well although today they don't produce Hi-Fi towers (unfortunately in my humble opinion).


Please catch your uncle. Perhaps he could say sth interesting?


Btw, do you know how to add here embedded video? None of tags I expected to work really worked.

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