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Sega Genesis Model 3 bad Sound issue


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I just got a Sega genesis Model 3 , I turned it on video is perfectly fine but i am having sound glitches / Bad sound , tried to wiggle he cable it didn't help so far i have tried a known working game / Power adapter and a Working AV cable.

I am not able to find any data / Schematics about the model 3 on the internet i do know basic soldering skills.


Can someone help me with that.

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The solder joints on the a/v connector look awful.

Try re-soldering the joints.

On 9/7/2021 at 1:03 PM, ApolloBoy said:

Probably a late reply, but you have a clone Genesis 3 and not an original one. Not worth fixing to be honest.

Yes and no - Maybe?

It could be a licensed Sega Genesis Model 3 made by Majesco.

Most clones are blob chips.



This last one has the same board and gets the joints resoldered:



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Yeah, no cable wiggling is going to fix the bad sound on that junk clone ;)


I hope you did not pay a lot for it. Unfortunately the Genesis 3 clones out there are contained in shells that look very much like real Genesis model 3 units. But, if you are able to really inspect it (in pictures) and check the bottom of the console for the appropriate SN stickers and such you should be able to score a real one relatively cheaply online without even looking on the inside.


Keep in mind however that a stock model 3 has a lot of drawbacks. One major one being mono only sound. Honestly you are better off just grabbing a model 2.


But, if you are dead set on a Genesis 3, the images ApolloBoy posted are the real deal boards from Majesco. The one on the left is VA1 and right is VA2. The VA1 board can be modded to add a lot of stuff back in (stereo sound, SMS/Virtual Racing/32X support). The VA2....not so much.

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