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Xbox 360 Power Brick Trouble


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Hey everyone, 


I just recently have taken my old Xbox 360 out of storage and in an effort to play it again. I hooked up everything correctly but when I plugged the power brick into the console and my wall outlet the brick was lit yellow. After I pressed the power button on the Xbox the power brick turned to a red color. I unplugged the brick from the system and the wall outlet for it to cool for about an hour. However, after I plugged the brick back into the system and the wall outlet the same problem happened. I'm assuming the power brick is simply old and needs to be replaced but it may also be something with the hardware in the system. 


Any suggestions? 



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The most common problem with power supplies is bad capacitors. You could probably look up some videos on YouTube to confirm this. A lot of times it's the fan capacitor that doesn't allow the fan to turn on within the power brick. It's up to you whether you want to get this involved in repairing a power supply or just replace it.

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Make sure all the a/v cables are plugged in and that the the adapter is plugged into the wall - no power strips or surge protectors (per MS).

Then try just holding down the power button till it works. If that doesn't work, try the holding the eject button down for 30+ seconds.


I had this happen to me too. Tried to power up my 360 after a couple years and just an orange light.

Went and bought a new PS and the new one lit up orange too. Then spent 4-5 online trying to figure out the mysteries of the 360 power brick.

Edit: there is 95% chance your power brick is fine. I don't think I made that clear.

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