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Can hardly understand Japanese, How do i play Famicom games in english (Nestopia)

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4 hours ago, Frozone212 said:

Trying to play Dark Lord on the emulator Nestopia but i can't read the language. Is there a way to translate all the Famicom roms in my folder into english? Some setting i can switch to?

There's no easy way to automatically do that -- every game would need to be translated by hand, as far as I know.  I remember hearing about some effort to patch a Google translate thing into some games, but that was always more of a speculation/tinkering thing.


You'd need to get translation patches for each title.  Many Famicom games do have translation patches, and I believe that most emulators will automatically apply those patches.

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You need to hit up romhacking.net and filter by Famicom.

You'll find a ton of games, and in there, a decent slice are JP to English translations.


From there you just take patch, use patching program, open game in program, add patch, hit 'patch' button and it does it for you.  Then just feed the game to your emulator and go for it.

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