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Plumb Luck DX (WIP)


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On 8/28/2022 at 6:43 PM, SmittyB said:

Thanks. I actually have a spare colour available for the background but I decided to stick to 2 because I don't want it to be distractingly busy. Being able to use extra RAM to get around limitations like the tile limit and lack of transparency definitely allows it to look much better than it otherwise could.

Yes. It rivals the NES in many ways and I could see the NES doing this with 8K of VRAM but it wouldn’t be easy. Nice job!

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New build. Changes include -

  • Progress is correctly saved at the end of each level instead of just when getting a high score.
  • Added a transition from the game screen to the high score screen.
  • Pressing RESET goes to the high score screen from the game screen.
  • Colours are corrected for PAL consoles.
  • Level count has increased to 66.
  • Up / Down skip 10 levels at a time in stage select mode.
  • If you complete a level you must play the next one. (Prevents players replaying easy levels to build score).

To do-

  • Add / improve sound effects.
  • Add AtariVox speech.
  • Add more levels.


Play on JS7800


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I'm thrilled to say that Plumb Luck DX has been nominated for the best 7800 WIP port in the 5th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards!
Thank you to the nomination committee for the honour, and thank you to everyone who has played Plumb Luck whether it's to your taste or not.
Remember to have your say and vote for your favourites before it's too late!



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