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Weird MegaSD woes - not booting in a 32X, random crashes using the MSDEXP


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This probably isn’t the best place to post this, but since the TerraOnion forums are gone and I havent registered at Sega16 yet it will have to do.


I have been having some serious trouble with my MegaSD lately. It won’t start up at all in my Genesis/32X stack. It works fine in my MegaSG, but when I run it from the MSDEXP adapter some games constantly crash. Robo Aleste was fine, but I could hardly play Sonic CD for five minutes before it reset back to the Sega CD boot screen, and Popful Mail crashed with a CPU error in the intro cinema.


Has anybody seen this or heard anything about it? Is there anything I can do? It seems that I am out of luck for 32X CD games for now unless I get the real SegaCD out of mothballs.

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Did you email them? Their email address is




I can't really say much other than that mine works fine on all of my real hardware, though. Try cleaning the cart and the cart slots. There is also a new firmware update, so try running that on the Mega Sg.

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Msdexp use of the MegaSD is hit or miss on model 2 units right now. Model 2 Va4's seem to work ok, but va1.8, 2, and 2.3 can have issues. There is some timing issues depending on which ASIC is in the unit. Model 1s all seem to be ok as well. They are working on the model 2 issue, but haven't found the magic bullet yet.


Unfortunately Sega bodged and modified the Genesis hardware a ton, and no one really knows what actually changed in the way things worked. 

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