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GD vs CD


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One for CJ ( probably )


I assume the purpose of the CD add on was to allow for more data to be supplied on a cheaper medium but was it slower than accessing data via cart ?


If so does that mean that with the advent of the gamedrive - game roms can be as big as one could wish with a better perfromance ( system limitations aside ) than cd E.G soundtracks can be cd quality ?


Just curious really.

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My take on this is 'maybe'


We won't know until the libraries for the GD are released. I suspect it will be a lot quicker and more reliable than CD however :) 


Also, there still won't be a way to play 'CD' Audio, it'll still need to go via the I2S and require processing/mixing in with other sounds, or be loaded into a ring-buffer and played as a sample.

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