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Aery - A Journey Beyond Time Released (in VCS Store)


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Released in February on numerous platforms, this is another in the Aery series of games, the first of which was released earlier this year on the VCS. by EpiXR Games, $9.99. The first was a flying meditative game in the style of your Flowers and Journeys of the world. VCS Release Date: 8/27/21



Aery A Journey Beyond Time.jpg

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I enjoyed this one I found it to be better than the first although it didn’t really seem optimised very well for the VCS. I had to drop the resolution and graphic settings down to get a good playing experience but even then my VCS fan was screaming with this game and that’s something it never does these days it’s usually pretty much silent!. Very nice video though I do enjoy your VCS content. 

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1 hour ago, haightc said:

I am playing forgotten memories right now, like the little bird half way though the game start to play like a slide show at the default settings.    I have to drop it down to 720p and low for those levels to be at all playable.     

Yeah, Broken Memories has had a lot of the same engine rendering issues. Interestingly this is also being reported in user reviews for the Steam version, which lends credence to my belief this is more of an game engine issue than VCS tech issue. It wasn't as bad as Journey Beyond Time, but some of the levels were really choppy. 

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