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HSC18 Round 15 BEEF 'N BEER

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Beef Drop atari screenshotBeer Belly Burt's Brew Biz atari screenshot

We'll spice up the game play for this round and put on a few HSC pounds by tossing in a few extra burgers too. Some extended play time so 3 week Round (with the first week overlapping R14 Busy Baby): Round NOW ends Thu 23rd Sept 10am UK time. Scoring TBA. Have fun!


Beef Drop

Note there are two versions - check the title screen shows Feb 2005, the .com file on atarimania is ok



On 3/21/2010 at 10:40 AM, therealbountybob said:

That's a very good question, I was going to ask was there an actual release of this so the next question is is there a file or ATR version of the full game anywhere... atarimania, fandal and atarionline.pl all have the 'demo' version :?:

On 3/21/2010 at 3:50 PM, Cebus Capucinis said:

There is a full release but it's cart-only and you likely can't find a ROM anywhere. This is a homebrew that was developed by Ken Siders for sale on AtariAge. You can buy it in the store, and it is likely since this is a homebrew with an active sale life right now there just isn't a dump of it anywhere, or if there is I'm not telling unless it would be okay to do so.

 Info on codes:

On 4/6/2010 at 12:15 AM, kenfused said:


These must be entered when title screen is displayed. You should hear some kind of sound confirming.

Vegetarian Mode 834

Atkins Mode 467 (note: may clear prematurely, high score will reset after play on purpose because of this)

Back to Normal 123

April Fools Message 401

Mirror Mode Toggle 767 (AA Cart) 547 (Demo)

More Mode Toggle 243 (AA Cart) 673 (Demo)

God Mode ??? ???

Infinite Pepper mode ??? ???


:arrow: https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=4656



(Beer Belly Burt in) Brew Biz

it's a 3 stage, 32 screen Frank Cohen Platformer! 

trbb "If you think the Fat B£$%ard is hard to control just wait 'til you get him in the pool :grin:

Seriously Brew Biz is an underrated game (not played it much before) but it's the same engine as Olllie's Follies and Ghostchaser. Lots of nice touches like the choice of starting areas, being able to duck, you can influence the movement of some lifts by moving down (and sometimes up).."

:arrow: atarimania instructions & ATR fandal XEX

Beer Belly Burt in Brew Biz




Beer Shot "+"

Beer Shot atari screenshot

I created the plus version last time we played: run BEERPLUS.BAS from the ATR disk image (B on the menu). We'll play for level reached. [Emulator users need to enable BASIC - post if you need help]

:arrow:Beer Shot - Plus Version 2012.atr90.02 kB · 132 downloads


Burger Chef

Burger Chef

:arrow: https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3841


Burger Boy

Burger Boy!

:arrow: https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3830


Basic Burger

requires basic, clue is in the name eh?! Burger optional but recommended :grin:

Basic Burger

:arrow: https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=4945



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Round NOW ends Thu 23rd Sept 10am UK time.
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2 minutes ago, carlsson said:

Still quite a lot to offer for being a demo version. How much did the full retail version add then, if the demo has 6 levels and then ramping up the speed and difficulty?

I have no idea.  I don't have the cart.  I'd like to know the same thing, though.  :)

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Beef Drop: 53,400



Brew Biz: 570



Not entirely sure what I'm doing in Brew Biz - I've played this before but never got very far. Seems to have something to do with collecting and opening doors to new rooms? I guess it would help if I read the manual... ?

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Beef Drop- good port, controls just how you'd want it. I'll come back to this one, love me some Burger Time...er, Beef Drop.




Brew Biz- I couldn't tell ya what I was doing as I bounced around the screen trying to collect keys and not kill myself. 150 points I think, but I may call it here for this one, lol.


For all the others, I'll have to try 'em out on emu. Shame I can't play em on my system.

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Basic Burger - 4900 pts, level 2
Beef Drop - 13400 pts, level 3
Beer Belly Burt in Brew Biz - 160 pts
Beer Shot Plus - 2378 pts, level 3
Burger Boy! - 30410 pts, level 7
Burger Chef - 7935 pts




Some comments about the bonus games:


Basic Burger generates a random grid every time. Some of the enemies will fly diagonally and your peppers are spread diagonally, making it quite a challenge to even clear the first level. Also there are directional arrows in some of the ladders, meaning that in some places you may only move up or down. Quite an interesting addition, but the execution could be better.




Beer Belly Burt - I only briefly tried this one, first in the Control department and then in the Production. I'm sure I could score more if I really wanted to, but the question is if I want to play it? It gives me some kind of combined feeling of Elevator Action and Manic Miner, plus sluggish movement. The air vents that lets you float upwards are interesting.




Beer Shot Plus - This game only works once, meaning that on second time you play it, the game won't detect that you finished a level so it will keep ticking the timer and let you fire away your shots until game over. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but be prepared to reboot every time you want to play it.




Burger Boy! - Slow and flickering game, likely BASIC? Kind of interesting that it has more eggs than sausages in the first levels. The graphics in principle look good, even better if the moving objects were P/M graphics that go on top of the background. Quite easy compared to the other burger games.




Burger Chef - I saw that this one is rather high rated on Atarimania. I find the controls a bit frustrating in that you easily miss where to exit the ladders, but then again both Beef Drop and the original BurgerTime have this tendency.





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Just catching up with HSC admin, still got an injured thumb joint making it difficult to grip anything joystick like :-o


this round slated to end Sunday 19th Sept but we can add another week if the games offer good value... first tables in a minute or ten...


Brew Biz there are 3 sections to complete so you can finish the game (did so last time we played I think), stick with it, it's a good game.


first tables

Scoring tba.


Beef Drop
  1st   oyamafamily                219,150     6
  2nd   Deteacher                  114,000     5
  3rd   graywest                     53,400     4
  4th   tompateus                   36,350     3
  5th   carlsson                      13,400     2
  6th   Caco                            8,950     1

Brew Biz
  1st   graywest                        570    3
  2nd   Deteacher                      440    2
  3rd   carlsson                         160    1

Burger Chef
  1st   carlsson                       7,935    2
  2nd   Deteacher                    4,400    1

Burger Boy
  1st   carlsson                      30,410    2
  2nd   Deteacher                   17,520    1

Basic  Burger
  1st   Deteacher                    6,250    2
  2nd   carlsson                      4,900    1

Beer Shot + (play for level reached)
  1st   carlsson                lv3 (2,378)    1


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