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Atari SMM804 Printer Owner's Manual


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Since it was cheap, it is almost exactly the same as the XMM801, it could be used on the Atari 8-bits with a printer interface and it hadn't been scanned before (as far as I know) I bought this, scanned it and put it up on Archive.org.



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Allan, thank you for preserving a little piece of Atari history.  Also, anyone with an old dot matrix printer that has the ribbon in good condition but dried up can re-ink it very inexpensively with a small bottle of stamp pad ink.  I've used this trick on my old 1936 Underwood typewriter that I restored.

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I have  SMM 804 and it works but not correctly. I tested it with the Last Word and it prints, but it indents the first line about two inches and when it gets to what should be the end of a line it drops to the next line and starts printing where it left off without executing a carriage return. Is an issue with Last Word or is it a hardware issue?

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