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6 hours ago, Steven Pendleton said:

I think Toaplan's only horizontal was Zero Wing, for that matter.

lol oops, I forgot about Hellfire. Those are the only 2 horizontal Toaplan shooters.


Anyway, the notable vertical shooters on the system that I can remember right now are Slap Fight MD, V-V, Kuuga, the Toaplan shooters (I think the Japanese ones are considered to be more difficult than the international ones, so get the Japanese versions), Musha Aleste, Undead Line, Elemental Master, and the extremely difficult Kyuukyoku Tiger (Twin Cobra). Most of those are relatively expensive, but Kuuga and Kyuukyoku Tiger are not too bad. Kyuukyoku Tiger is probably one of the hardest games on the platform along with Assault Suit Leynos, though, so probably not a game to play unless you hate yourself or you like a challenge. Now that I think about it, Kyuukyoku Tiger is a Toaplan game. Those guys really were unbelievably good developers.

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Affordable is the key word in your request, as so many Genesis shoot 'em ups are on the expensive side. But these 2 are great, and won't hurt your wallet too badly. Even if you think they're a little steep, they're still cheaper than most, and are among the console's best.

Fire Shark

Twin Cobra



World of Illusion

Jungle Book

Earthworm Jim



Racing Games


Super Monaco GP

Road Rash I-III

Rock n Roll Racing

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