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XBox Support just hit a new low


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So I’ve been trying to fix the super slow download speeds on my Series X (link here if anyone happens to have a solution)


My calls with their support number over the past few days have 100% been disconnected after waiting “due to unusually long hold times”


So I decided to try their chat option.  Best I can tell (and I could totally be misunderstanding what’s going on here) it’s not even using a customer service / tech support agent --- seems to have routed my question to another xbox user and said I’d receive an answer soon.   When I got a reply a couple of hours later, they asked me to check my network connection.   Did that, posted the results, waited.  Waited.  Waited.  Gave up after no reply.  


I got a reply 4 hours later asking me to power the system off, wait 15 minutes, and back on again.  WTF?


Is this the new normal for their customer service?

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sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with this, it's crazy frustrating to deal with these kinds of people in support regardless of the industry.   I've had to deal with Home Depot, Worx, and various medical/doctor ones in the last three months and it's atrocious all the way around.


The last time I dealt with MS Support was several years ago when Marvel Heroes got canned and they were refunding everyone's money that paid for DLC, lol.  That experience was pretty decent, but again, it was several years ago.


I hope you get some support for your console!

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