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Arcade MAME HSC 2021 Dragon Buster


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This round we play Dragon Buster , last played in this HSC 2010

Description -

Originating in the arcades, Dragon Buster is an action platform game composed out of several large levels, each one containing various stages: a cave, a tower, a castle, etc. The player's goal in every level is to reach the final stage where the protagonist faces the level boss. There are often several ways to reach the final stages, and not all stages are necessary to visit. Equipped with a sword, the player character moves through platform stages, clearing them of diverse monsters, collecting power-ups and trying to stay in good health until the level boss, since it is impossible to heal between the stages. The hero's life meter (called "vitality" in the game) is the first introduction of such a feature to action games.


Game Information -

Game Name: Dragon Buster

Released By: Namco, 1984

MAME ROMset: DrgnBstr

Dip Switches: Round Skip: Off; Freeze: Off; Spurt Time: Normal; Level of Monster: Normal; Starting Vitality: 128; Bonus Vitality: None; Bonus Level: Full

Deadline to post scores is - Sept. 19th 2021 at 12PM EST

Final high scores -

Krytol 43,220 +11 points +3 points for winning round
roadrunner 38,420 +10 points
AtariWarlord 23,020 +9 points
Floyd Turbo 15,550 +8 points
evan04 13,050 +7 points
Hero2millions 11,660 +6 points

Current season point standings -

roadrunner 91 points
Floyd Turbo 60 points
AtariWarlord 59 points
Hero2millions 57 points
jblenkle 54 points
Krytol 52 points
VectorGamer 19 points
evan04 14 points
RuySan 14 points
youxia 10 points

Any corrections please post.





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