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Sir Clive dies


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In 1980 the average income of UK worker was around £5k compared to $16k in the USA.  Even taking into account the exchange rate, the average guy in UK had no where near the spare cash that a US worker had.


Getting a cheap computer available, no matter what it's quality, was essential to kick start the interest in computers by the common man in the UK.


I remember xmas 1981 when I got my zx81.  My parents spent around £50 each on xmas presents (there was 4 of us kids) so getting a zx81 even at it's super low price was a push.  I talked to my mam before xmas an said I'd be happier with a 2nd hand zx81+16k ram than a brand new zx81 by itself, and that's what I got :)  a second hand 16k computer for xmas and it was the best xmas ever.


Thanks to Sir Clive for my xmas present and the many years of interest in computers since then, and thank to my Mam&Dad for a great xmas (every year)


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On 9/21/2021 at 12:44 PM, Mr Robot said:

Anyone who watched Micro Men might be interested to know that the "Newbury New Brain" that the BBC was originally going to use before it dropped out was initially developed by Sinclair Radionics before the NEB broke up the company and Sir Clive started Sinclair Research. The NEB kept the designs for the newbrain and moved the design work to Newbury Laboratories. The BBC spec for their computer was modelled after the newbrain specs as it was a government owned project. 

Did they ever release the New Brain?

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