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99% perfect screen with O2 RGB Mod. Tiny red sparkles


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I recently recapped my O2 and voice module and installed the RGB mod. I’m playing some games through a Sony PVM 1415. The picture is absolutely phenomenal. The photos can’t do it justice. The one thing I do notice on some games though, particularly fast moving games, is some small red sparkles on parts of the screen. Is that something normal with the Odyssey or possibly a ram issue? They are pretty tiny, like static, the color is always red and they only happen on fast moving games.






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I noticed a different RGB/YPbPr mod on eBay with some screenshots.  Each of his has a little red sparkle in it too. Just one in each picture that I can see
RGB/YPbPr Video Kit for Magnavox Odyssey 2 | eBay

I'm wondering if maybe my red output just needs a little capacitor.  I can experiment.

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I’ve also noticed that games like K.C. Munchkin and UFO! have those sparkly dots across the top of the screen. On other games like K.C.’s Krazy Chase! and Attack of the Timelord they appear towards the middle/bottom. Definitely seems more like a digital issue. Caps probably wouldn’t help much as you say, but I may try anyway for giggles on the red output. I can also try testing the ram and other components. It’s definitely not bad enough to ruin the fun of playing the games though.

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Here is that write up:


Q. When playing O2 games using RGB I notice small flashing dots on screen in different spots based on the game being played.

K.C. Krazy Chase = small red flashing dots in the lower / center part of TV screen.
UFO and K.C. Munchkin = small red flashing dots at the top of the screen
Mage the Final Journey = small red flashing dots at the left of the screen

Any ideas of the cause?



Yes, this is caused by changing the background color mid-screen. With a normal RF connection the dots are too small to notice, but with an RGB connection they are clearly visible. What happens is that when data is loaded into VDC register A3, the write pulse occurs too soon, before the data is available on the data bus. At that moment the databus still contains the address (A3), so that is used as background color briefly before the actual data (color) is written to register A3.


More info at this URL:


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