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Disclaimer: I ship from Germany. The price actually does include insured Shipping to the USA. If you are from the EU shipping might be a lot cheaper, just ask for a price. If you are from other countries, like China, it might be a bit more expensive, so I might have to add a few dollars. That said, the price does not include Custom fees or taxes, so keep that in mind, because I will declare the actual paid price on the parcel to avoid any problems in case it gets lost.


Due to Covid and the oversea shipping I cant give you any arrival date of course, but you'll receive the tracking ID. Payment is through PayPal Family and Friends only. 


Here are pictures of the actual game for sell. It looks decent due to its age. It comes with the box (little rip off on the front, look at the helicopter), the inner tray, the manuel and the catalogue. I testet it today (17th of September) and it works perfect. The label of the cart is slightly peeling off due to bad glueing, its a common issue with Parker Releases. 


Price: 160$, feel free to make reasonable offers. 



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Its USD. But at the moment I can not ship, because unfortunately I have Covid. So if someone buys it for the price we could make the deal, but I'll inform you when I am not in quarantene anymore, which should be in about 10 days. Of course it would be okay if the payment is sent then, no need to pay that far in advance, especially because I can not tell exactly when I will be fit again.

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Cause it happened twice I point out again: I offer PayPal Friendy only, so no PayPal protection. I am member for 9 years, of corse not the most active, but I never had a bad deal here. I could also provide a 100% ebay Account (475 ratings) and a 100% Cardmarked Account (selling place for magic-cards, about 1.000 ratings). So I dont think I need to offer that protection. Thats also the reason for the price, which is very fair in my opinion. I ask for 115, more than 40 of that is only for shipping. Its kind of a board sales price, which should be lower than the typical Ebay prices, back in my days that was the deal, lower price and therefore the seller hasnt to deal with this whole PayPal stuff, which can get very ugly even if he hasnt done anything wrong. Thats why I only ship with DHL and tracking + insurance, to proof I fullfilled my part.


But if someone really needs PayPal, okay. 160$ then. And only to members I consider trustable, which I will decide when I look through there profile, and I would like to get some positive seller/buyer accounts as well.


Sorry for beeing a bit mad, but I really dont like that a board became the "I want it cheap AF and still have the same benefits Ebay offers" - in that case I can sell it through ebay and get a better price.


Here my Ebay-Acount and the Cardmarket-Account, in case someone will consider to take the "risk" of buying from someone who has sold about 1k Magic Cards, most of them shipped without tracking. One get lost through Postal service, which should be a really fine rate. And these are seller only ratings, buyers cant be rated on that site.




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