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Arcade MAME HSC 2021 Road Blasters


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This round we play Road Blasters, last played in this high score club 2009

This is the Upright version (Rev. 4) You might need to download the parent roms for this to work 
Also, please base your score on 1 credit of play (since this game has a continue feature.)

Rev 4 is the parent ROM

settings - play on Rookie (Veteran is the default)

No continues

Deadline to post scores is October 3rd 2021 at 12PM EST

Final high scores -

AtariWarlord 9,340 +11 points +3 points for winning round
FloydTurbo 8,320 +10 points
Krytol 8,040 +9 points
roadrunner 5,830 +8 points
evan04 2,520 +7 points
Hero2millions 210 +6 points

Current season point standings -

see post #3

Tip from 2009 thread -

Depending on the version on MAME you have it requires you to download the "atarisy1" (Atari System 1 BIOS) file and put it in your ROMs folder. I had to do this to get it to run on my MAME cabinet. However, it ran fine on my iBook without the files. In the future, you run MAME from the command line it will tell you what files you are missing then you can Google and find out what you need.

Arcade manual scan here -


Any corrections please post

downloadroad blasters.jpg

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