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What were your favorite NES game soundtracks

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The usual suspects from Nintendo, or the big franchise mainline stuff like Castlevania, Turtles, Mega Man, they're obvious.

How about...

Super Dodgeball (Team USA, stage 1)


Another is Gargoyle's Quest II, picked A Long Time Ago (opening credit story roll) but really listen from 0-5min, shares the music with Gameboy original, just enhanced for each of those 5 clips)


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I was really impressed with the music in Anticipation.  I thought they somehow made the music sound quite a bit different from other NES games.


NES Longplay [306] Anticipation - YouTube


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With Halloween coming up soon, I thought this would be a good one to post. Shame this gets such a bad rap, it's a pretty fun co-op game. This is probably one of my more favorite tracks from the game.



Edit: Forgot about this one too, this another excellent track!


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Hate to start with the easy ones, but both Zeldas, SMB2, Metroid and Kid Icarus had amazing music.  Those tunes will stay with me to the grave!  And of course Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Castlevania, DuckTales and MM2 are right up there too.  If I had to pick something (slightly) less obvious, I'd go with Wizards & Warriors.

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