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Don't know C or asm? - Use Bitsy to make a game


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I just found Bitsy, which AFAIK, hasn't been mentioned here yet. It is meant to make it very easy (should even be suitable for children once they can read and write) to create simple games:




There are a few sample games on the Website. Usually, Bitsy is used to create Browser games, but there also is a tool to compile Bitsy to C source for the ColecoVision:



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Looks interesting. So that's an approach similar to "Scratch", I guess. I'm not really a fan of it, but it seems, people around the world use it.


there also is a tool to compile Bitsy to C source for the ColecoVision

I had to smile, as the guy, who wrote the main website, says on the "Under Construction" card, he's called "Adam". ;)

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