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Lantronix and basic BBS’s


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Hey all,

  Figured I would put this here instead of in the bbs. I have been playing with an old basic based bbs on real hardware. 

However, for the life of me I can’t seem to remember the settings for it to take incoming connections and get it to talk to the bbs program. 

i know I had this working as at one time I was testing Alcatraz on real hardware. Granted it isn’t a basic based program but it worked. 

Has anyone ever had any luck running a basic based bbs with a lantronix device?  I have an MSS-100.


Any help or advice appreciated. 

p.s. I am going to try it with the wimodem as soon as I get a db25 connector for the cable I am trying to make. 

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The settings for the MSS-100?


Keep in mind, for the MSS-100, you need the null cable first of all (that's usually the 1st mistake).


But beyond that, there should be a thread here in the club that shows all my MSS-100 settings for SFHQ.  The real question is whether it was one of those Basic BBS's that used the ring detector. ;)


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Yes I had the null modem cable. No it wasnt a 1o3o bbs. 

I found a thread over on vcf that I think I used way back when, at the time I tested express pro on the lantronix. I think what I was looking for was “change telnetdest serial” but even this morning when that was set still no luck. I have a wimodem so I am going f to play with that.  But I will

have to take a look at your thread anyway. 

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8 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:

I'll help with the project after dealing with real life issues.

What are we trying to do and what isn't working?


I kind of abandoned the idea. We managed to get what I was trying to do working in Altirra. 

while I have your ear were you ever able to remember the name of Don baby’s and Craig margolies bbs names were?

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