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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2021 thread


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I'm back home so if my Secret Santa has not mailed mine yet, feel free to do so. :)

Ebay indicates that I should have my main gift for my Secret Santa person coming to me on Wed.  Once I get it I'll include it in the box with the other goodies and send it out on Thursday or Friday.  Should be more then enough time to get to Canada.

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2 hours ago, CaptainBreakout said:

oMG!  My box arrived!   AAAAAAAAAAH!  So excited!!!  I'm going to resist! I can do this!

I'm in the same boat.  At first I thought, no problem, I can wait it out.  Then I found myself just looking at it and wondering...  It's sort of like the Tell-Tale Heart but without the haunting and guilt :)

I am going to try to hold off until Xmas eve...so midnight on the 23rd.  Very unsure I can handle it. :)

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3 hours ago, CyranoJ said:

Nooo... Life's too short. Rip into it like a madman!

Not today!  (You play a hellava game, CyranoJ)   ... I JUST got my tree up.. and this box is going under it as soon as all the lights are done.


I want to stare at it for several days before I leave and when I get home.  I know I'm going to have a huge smile on my face each time I do.


(I work retail, and this ought to be therapeutic besides.  I'll take all the free therapy I can get!)

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1 hour ago, CyranoJ said:

But what if its a kitten in there? :D

Schrodinger's cat?  Was it alive or dead before being shipped?  This brings us back to the Necronomicon from last year.  Best not to think about it then.:lolblue:

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