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San Diego Atari Computer Enthusiasts


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I scanned a bunch of newsletters from this user group today. I put them up on archive.org.




There are about 15 issues I just uploaded.


The newsletter changed it's name to The I/O Connector early 1983.


There are a bunch of later issues already up there that were scanned by @Savetz a while ago.

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4 hours ago, bfollowell said:

Man, I'd love to start something like this!


Of course, this is 35 years later, and Evansville, Indiana Atari Enthusiasts just doesn't have the same ring to it.


Thanks for all the scanning and archiving you do Allan. It is much appreciated.


No problem.


If you can find one other person in your area, that's all you need. Go for it. 

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Wow!  I remember going to both SDACE and North County ACE back in the 1980's.  I lived in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego suburb in North county).  I started going to SDACE on Idaho Street and once the North County group started in Mira Mesa, I went to that one a lot.  Everyone brought their modified 800XLs to show off memory upgrades, selectable OS and of course trade software.  Lot's of fun.  I think Steve Lawrence used to go there and he repaired Atari computers in Escondido.  He was a licensed Atari repair center and when Atari went kaput, he had a huge inventory of parts and continued to fix 8-bit hardware well into the late 80's.  The good old days.  Federated and Warner Engineering (near the Sports Arena) had lots of surplus Atari computer hardware.  Industrial Liquidators (Kerny Mesa) has lots of electronics and occasionally was a good source of Atari 8-bit hardware into the early 90's.


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sorry mate,


unrelated to San Diego ACE.


Bits and Bytes magazine, New Zealand:


Website covers many computer models of the 1980's.




Attached is a PDF of an archive site issue, examine Page 42.


Other Subscribers may be interested,


Cheers, Chris







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Yup. Somebody else REALLY wanted it so they could throw it in their closet forever.  I couldn't let that happen.


I just finished posting the last of it on Archive.org. This morning I posted seven issues of an extremely rare newsletter called 'Turtle News' that has articles about LOGO and PILOT for multiple platforms. 

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