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128 Games (Taiwan - Exciting) Dumps & Snapshots

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Spent the last few hours dumping and snapshotting the games from this cartridge. 


I don't have the box or instructions so am unsure of what names were originally used for each game (they're often wildly wrong). 


I've gone by the names Stella provided where possible. 




A lot of the games display the wrong colours (NTSC on a PAL cartridge)


If the file numbers have a 'u' after them then Stella doesn't recognise them by the MD5

Unrecognised MD5 games are:


  • 001u Spider-man
  • 002u Pele's Soccer - Font has been horizontally flipped
  • 032u SpaceMaster X-7 - Thanks to Big Player for the ID
  • 067u Barnstorming
  • 068u Towering Inferno - Uses right joystick instead of left
  • 076u Super Challenge Baseball
  • 108u Yars' Revenge - Has the Atari splash screen removed, press fire to start at the blank screen
  • 111u Save Our Ship


Dumped by Buckaroo using an AtariMax MaxFlash USB Programmer

128 Games (Taiwan - Exciting) PAL.zip

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