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Keep Them Out - simple 4k game.


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A couple of days ago I had the idea of a simple game using PFpixels, so I wrote it and called it KEEP THEM OUT.


The game is really simple. You have to stop the jellyfish-like invaders and the bombs before they reach the wall. If a jellyfish reach the wall a break will disappear, if a regular bomb reach the wall 4 bricks will disappear and if a special bomb reach the wall an entire row will disappear.

If a jellyfish or bomb reach the bottom of the screen is game over.

The game is separated in waves. After each wave you will get points depending of the remaining bricks.

Bricks don't regenerate.


For now after waves goes over 10 the wave counter reset to 1.

It was just a quick project to clear my mind. But if there is interest I could make a PAL version.


That`s all for now.




I made a Paddle version and gave it a Halloween theme just because.

I think is kinda too easy with paddles, so I think I should tweak the difficulty.

As always, testing and feedback will be appreciated.


keepthemout_he_demo.bin <--- CURRENT VERSION

















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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Keep Them Out on tomorrow's (Tue Oct 12, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day! Hope you can join us!

After Dark
  •  Starmaster (1982 Patch Attempt #1 ?/7600 @ Game 3/ Wing Commander) by Alan Miller


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5 hours ago, vhzc said:

Because I hate paddles. Never liked them.

I've never understood why everyone seems to be so obsessed with paddles either. But I do think this would fit in the 1% of 1% of games that would actually be more enjoyable with them or the option to use either paddles or joystick.


Very cool little game, by the way. I hope to play more of it when the kitten settles down and stops attacking the screen.

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I just tried this Halloween version with paddles on a real 2600. You are right, it is a lot easier with paddles than with a joystick. But being more difficult with joysticks is not a fault of the game or the player, it's because it is hard to be column precise, I mean, it's like a usability problem, not a timming problem.


Anyway, I think that points should not be the same for a catch than for a remaining block of a wave. Also, it could be great to have (as discussed in the ZPH show) a falling recovery block that should NOT be catched to fill an empty space.

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What if occasionally a bomb would come down? - complete with sparkly fuse.
If missed then it makes a bigger hole than normal - boom!
If you catch it then something nasty happens (you die? or maybe lose a lot of points?)
But if you can hit it from the side then it spins harmlessly off to the side - possibly with bonus points.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Keep Them Out: Halloween Edition on tomorrow's (Fri Oct 29, 2021) HALLOWEEN stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT! Hope you can join us!






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