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Auto-smileys are stupid.


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If I try to put in this:

    if cont.button and movetimer=0 then
            #card = #backtab(cursory - 8 /  * 20 + (cursorx - 8 /  AND $09F8
            if #card = 317*8 then print at ((cursory-8)/8)*20+(cursorx-8)/8 color #color1,"\319" : buttonpressed=2
            if buttonpressed=1 and #card=319*8 then print at ((cursory-8)/8)*20+(cursorx-8)/8 color $2607,"\317" : buttonpressed=0    
        end if

It replaces all instances of 8 followed by a closed parenthesis with 8). This is stupid. Is there any way to not make it do this?

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Another way seems to be making a link 8) and then remove it afterwards.

If you need to edit the message, make sure to use Shift+Return and Shift+Space as the editor reacts to regular Return and Space.

Edit: Busted! The editor changed it upon saving changes!


I typed 8), marked the text and inserted a link to Google. Then I marked the link and removed it. But it is very sensitive as you can see.

Edited by carlsson
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I see this happen in the high score clubs 


Final Buck Rogers Scores

  1)131,637 chuckwalla +3 +5 +10 Rollage

  2)128,980 ed1475 +3 +5 Rollage

  3)  73,277 DuggerVideoGames +3 +4

  4)  68,559 ctelkin19 +3 +4

  5)  57,092 digress +3 +4

  6)  40,055 OriginalJohn +3 +3

  7)  25,273 jblenkle +3 +3

  8)   19,325 JEFF31 +3 +2

  9)  13,893 Krytol +3 +2

10)    9,706 zaphro72 +3 +2

11)    2,723 fakecortex +3

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