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Atari 7800 Games - Highscores


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An interesting thought (to me) on this.
1. How will High-scores on the VCS compare to high-scores using the original Atari 7800? 
    I've not played Desert Falcon for years, as I was never good at it, with original controllers.
    Already, on my 3rd game, I'm through to the 4th level, with the Classic joystick, on the VCS. Wow.

2. Should high-scores be recorded here, or added in a new category of the 7800 High Score Club forum?


3. Would you want to use your original 2600 or 7800 joysticks on the Atari VCS for these games if you could?

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I think it would make sense to have the scores in this forum. As far as using original sticks, I think one of the worst things about the 7800 were the PainLine controllers. Of course for the single button games I would use the 2600 joystick on the 7800. But as soon as I could get an Edladdin adapter to use a Genesis controller on the 7800, I snapped one up.


I actually like the feel of the new Classic controller. I can’t help but feel a little nervous about playing intense arcade games with them though. Too many memories of broken CX40s.

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