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Amazing project - Playing Atari with your hands as motion controls


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I would like to share with you an Amazing Atari project.


You can play the Atari games using your hands as motion controls . No joystick needed.


I converted the hand poses to electric signals “running” through the Atari ports, so your hands control the game. Pretty amazing .

This project is based on a Computer vision and Python coding , running on a Raspberry PI device with a camera.


you are most welcome to share it .

If you have more questions , you can ask me or leave a comment to the video


The link for the project video : https://youtu.be/vJO6nMwUBXw


Eran Feit

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Wow! I'm not kidding - have you considered standardising a package to be used in care homes? When the wii came out there was something of a mini-revolution (at least in the UK) about getting elderly and disabled people moving more using Wii remotes - as video games wasn't considered a 'thing' that those people would like to do to pass the time or keep active before the ease of use of a wii system. I'm wondering if this has far reaching applications past the Wii - for one - people likely to now be in these settings were perhaps 2600 users while when the wii came out - residents were likely pre-video games. The possibility for sparking memories for people with dementia, and without using controllers that might be fiddly or cumbersome to use in older age could be ground breaking. I'm wondering if this could be adapted for use for devices like the retron 77 as well.


I don't think I'm really the person for this, but I'd be up for trying to spread the word about it in the UK.

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