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Atari 7800 LED replacement? Need a bit of help


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Hi there!


I have a 7800 that I just did a cap kit and av mod on recently but noticed that my led for the power button doesn’t illuminate anymore.


I can’t seem to find a replacement bulb listing on console5 or a forum stating “it’s 5v etc… buy this bulb”


any pointers from anyone on which bulb to buy?




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Pretty much any 5mm sized LED can be used. There is already like a 120Ω resistor that goes from the +5 to the + lead on the LED. So the current is dropped enough for pretty much any LED to be used. However, when using Blue, UV, or any other crazy bright LED, I will replace the original with a 460Ω resistor instead to limit the current even more so it isn't laser light in your eye blinding when using the system.

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