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Atari 7800 Screenshots - Snapshots


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I've put together a collection of ten screen captures for each original retail release.  There are some really rough captures out in the wild, especially from a time when emulation of the 7800 MARIA graphics chip had yet to mature.  Frequently, realistically possible color palettes were not being applied, proper screen ratio including accounting for borders was lacking.


A few games look best when the console is cooler, other titles when the system is hot; all look respectful under a warm console.  When the aforementioned games were being developed and colors chosen, they were viewed on a traditional screen display.


For the sake of consistency, fairness and clarity, for all captures, simulation of a bright vivid CRT, utilized under a warm console palette that was converted to RGB format, taken at 640x480 resolution, was performed within the A7800 emulator.  The only exception is Tower Toppler, in which a very clean YIQ software filter is also applied.

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