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Introducing "Vectorlink": The Ultimate Vectrex Controller System!


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Introducing "Vectorlink": The Ultimate Vectrex Controller System!

See it in action here!

?  =? =? = ?  = ?  =? =? =
? Vectorlink User Manual? https://playvectrex.com/vectech/vectorlink/vectorlink-user-manual-r3.pdf
?  Purchase Vectorlink ? https://playvectrex.com/vecstore/vectorlink
=?  =? =? = ?  = ?  =? =? =

Vectorlink is a joystick adapter designed by Brett Walach of https://www.PlayVectrex.com in 2021 that allows many different types of high quality off-the-shelf wireless or wired controllers to be used with the Vectrex. It consists of a base adapter that has a connector that is the same one found on a Nintendo WiiMote. This enables the Vectorlink to connect to countless controllers out there. It was primarily designed to work with the 8BitDo SNES/NES Classic Bluetooth Retro Receiver (aka BT Dongle) and the 8BitDo Arcade Stick, but as you’ll see it works with so much more!

Besides offering wireless digital and wired analog support for the Vectrex, the Vectorlink offers some premium features you’ve likely never seen on a controller before.

  • Individual button autofire rates are programmed in-game by pressing the button at the desired rate!
  • Manual shots can be taken very precisely even when autofire is enabled!
  • 8 controls can be mapped to up to 8 buttons without any special software!
  • Analog sticks and accelerometer can be passed through a Dynamic Filter that is adjustable by the player, giving enhanced stability and control!

The BT Dongle will pair wirelessly with many controllers: 8BitDo Arcade Stick and older N30 Arcade Stick, 8BitDo Lite, 8BitDo Zero 2, Xbox Series X Elite 2, WiiMote, Wii U Pro, and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. It is also supported by most of the current and older generation 8BitDo bluetooth controllers, which are very high quality, inexpensive and readily obtainable
controllers. It also pairs with Xbox Series One, PS3 DualShock, PS4 DualShock and Pro, and the Switch Pro!

The BT Dongle uses Bluetooth Classic 2.1 and as such has a very low latency. You won't notice any lag on the Vectrex, since the Vectrex typically polls the controller every 20ms, and the Vectorlink updates the controller data 8 times as fast (2.5ms). The BT Dongle also receives the data twice as fast (10ms). Some of the controllers available come with a 2.4GHz RF dongle which is even faster.


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This is your 1 hour reminder before the sale starts at 11am CST / 4pm UTC. If you are interested in purchasing, please read the User Manual and know what controllers and modes are supported with Vectorlink. Thanks!


Also, once inventory for the first run is gone... you will be redirected to a back-in-stock notification. Please do sign up so I know how many more to make! ❤

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Hey all! If anyone is looking for controllers for the Vectorlink, here are my top picks with a little review for each! Check back from time to time as I'll keep updating this list ?  Also, if you have experience with a controller that's not on the list that you really like a lot... please let me know so I can add it!

There's a decent Black Friday deal on the Blacked out 8BitDo Pro2 controller today!

? Compatible Controllers ? https://playvectrex.com/vectech/vectorlink/controllers 
? Vectorlink Arcade Stick Mod ? https://playvectrex.com/vectech/vectorlink/arcadestick

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