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I thought I'd discuss two SNES homebrews, Rem and Hind Fire.

First is Rem:

This is basically a puzzle platformer with lots of atmosphere. The download link is https://www.reddit.com/r/snes/comments/ej75cc/demo_of_my_homebrew_game_rem/


Second is Bubble Zap and Piko's Hind Strike:

This is easily one of the more impressive homebrew releases from those two, and looks like something that would have been released in '93 or '94.

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So what are we going to discuss exactly?  This seems to be more about sharing two potentially very high end solid games for SNES made in modern years.  I'm familiar with Hind Strike due to Piko, kind of wish I had the funds at the time to get the cart.  That game is just extreme, it's like a mix of what Nintendo probably should have done with the after-game content of Pilotwings where you do the attack chopper, along with the mechanics of like Desert Strike rolled into one.  It's on another tier compared to most homebrew made, it's not janky, not quirky, it just works right and seems and feels like it should have been done back in those earlier/mid years of the SNES as a retail release.

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