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Game&Lynx - Critter Championship


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9 minutes ago, jgkspsx said:

Canyons 91




I always lose two lives at a time. Maybe it should reset the screen after you lose one? I dunno.

True, I also noticed its difficult to recover when it goes wrong.. I'll have something friendlier in the final build

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2 minutes ago, Ninjabba said:

I will note that one down :D


IIRC on the original hardware it actually slows down after certain scores, but I see that this is not preferred here

I think it’s good to slow down after each hundred (or something) but then it should accelerate faster and get to a higher speed by the next 99. If that makes sense.

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I can reveal that after a certain score, definitely not as high as you guys post, the difficulty doesn't increase anymore.


It's been quite difficult to find a balance playing the game (especially Showdown), and jumping to a high speed from 0 to max doesn't give a good insight, you need to be in the zone to do it properly.


I'll probably want to have your input before the final release since you're both killing it!

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Canyons - 535. Discovered that your miss count doesn’t reset at 500 - is that intentional @Ninjabba?


I would have made it a lot further except my cat got all up in my face…


Working on getting back on top in Showdown. It would be cool if you had to so something else if the numbers matched, like press up, or even do nothing. I don’t love that it’s currently the same as winning.

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