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Game&Lynx - Critter Championship


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28 minutes ago, jgkspsx said:

I had to play something I was competent at for a while.

I played my token game of Jelly Jump for 315. There is an unbeatable pattern that pops up I forgot to mention earlier. It pops up on max speed in the 600-900 range. If I fall at all before that pattern appears I just start all over. It only popped up twice on my way to 999 so I was able to get there.




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2 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

Canyons - 535. Discovered that your miss count doesn’t reset at 500 - is that intentional @Ninjabba?


I would have made it a lot further except my cat got all up in my face…


Working on getting back on top in Showdown. It would be cool if you had to so something else if the numbers matched, like press up, or even do nothing. I don’t love that it’s currently the same as winning.

I still need to match a few rules wrt. the original Manhole, I didn't add this reset score part. For Showdown, I also follow the implemented pattern of Judge.. I could change it up a bit, but I'll have to think of what to add to have it make sense.. the idea is that with two players you will always have to be the fastest to react, which makes more sense than when you play against the CPU I guess. I played Showdown more with another player and I do enjoy the reaction part of it :)

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Noted your scores ;)


Btw, I updated the competition a little bit because of the number of scores I received being a lot more than I expected!

I will have 6 carts in total to hand out, 2 for each game with the best scores. One cart per person, so 6 people will win a cart :)

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4 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

I’m torn between fear of setting too high a top score in Canyons so people give up on playing it on the final release, and fear of somebody beating me at the last minute…

I didn't specify the part of how I want to put actual scores yet, because I wasn't sure what kind of scores to expect. I don't think I'll add the scores you guys are setting in the competition to the final game since it might get really difficult to beat for anyone and because some gameplay will change (eg. the game becomes harder after certain scores). I haven't been able to balance the difficulty yet because I cannot set these massive scores myself, but judging from the feedback you guys gave me, I might need to up the curve a little bit.


But no worries, I will definitely give the scores a place to be remembered.. I was thinking in the manual.

Your names will be in order of the competition scores for the default high scores of the final game, just not with your original scores. Please don't be disappointed ?

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Thanks everybody for participating in this competition! Here are the final scores and the people that will be included in this order in the default score menu:



jgkspsx - 535

Kapt. Zay - 123

Fei - 106

Iceman - 73



Fei - 130

MichelS - 128

Kapt. Zay - 110

jgkspsx - 84



Jelly Jump

neogeo1982 - 1005

Fei - 525

Kapt. Zay - 154

Fadest - 137


These are the top scores for every game that, though since I will send out 1 cartridge per person and 6 in total, (sorry @Fadest, you're not included :D ), the following people have won a cartridge:

  • jgkspsx
  • Kapt. Zay
  • Fei
  • MichelS
  • neogeo1982
  • Iceman


I really enjoyed seeing you guys wrecking the scores.


Now I will continue working on the final release (which will also include one more game) and will be officially released with Yastuna. I'll send you all a prototype cartridge with the full game when this is ready.

Thanks again and I hope you all are excited for this year!

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