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Getting started creating graphics for A7800


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Anyone have links to some info and “get started quick” tutorials and such for learning to create graphics for the 7800?

I may be working with a programmer on a game, and they’ve asked to “redraws” the sprite assets to A7800, and sent links to apps called SpritePad and CharPad.   Now, I have all the graphics and animations drawn in .bmp format, but since these won’t work with A7800, I’m looking to jump in, tackle this, and learn a bit along the way. 


But… I’m having some trouble getting started.


Using google, I found some info and tutorials (linking to AtariAge) that seems to address getting started using GIMP.   But not much yet on the two tools I mentioned, and still sifting through info to find out what is meant by things like “recommend drawing pixels in 8x16 layout first, then 3x16” and “I need pixel assets in 160a mode or double wide(c64)”


I have a bit of knowledge with a range of graphics tools, so not starting at complete 0, but just not sure of those first steps to get going when using those tools to create for A7800.


Thanks in advance for any tutorials/info/etc.

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