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XB Text box entry routine


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But if you are "missing the link" ;)  what could you do?


You would need to make an editor loop like one does in other language I guess.

You would put KEY() in a loop with control key values doing GOSUBs to various cursor control routines and placing valid ascii chars on the screen at the cursor position.

The most difficult thing for XB would probably be inserting and deleting although you might be able to use SEG$() and DISPLAY AT()  to good effect but it might still be painful on a really long string.


It's pretty good with this string length.

100 A$="NOW IS THIS TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY. I don't know what happens when the string gets very long? "
120 FOR I=LEN(A$)TO 1 STEP -1
130 DISPLAY AT(1,1):SEG$(A$,I,LEN(A$)-I)
140 NEXT I
150 GOTO 110


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