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Recommend games for 5 year old boy

Lord Mushroom

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Christmas is slowly approaching, and my nephew has access to a PS3. He loves Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and he is probably getting Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for Christmas. But he deserves more. :) So I am looking for recommendations. No more Lego games, though.


He likes dinosaurs, animals, cars, super heroes and He-Man (?). But don´t feel limited to those categories. In fact, it is probably enough super heroes for now. And he hasn´t liked the racing games he has tried (Super Mario Kart - SNES and Looney Tunes Racing - PS1). They were too difficult for him. He also doesn´t like scrolling shoot´em ups (judging by his reaction to Pop´n Twinbee - SNES). Nor is he interested in 1v1 fighting games (he didn´t like Tekken 3 - PS1).


He likes 3D platformers, but they need to be very easy, and now that he will have 2 such games, it may be time for something different. He likes Super Mario World (SNES), but it is too difficult for him. He also like Kirby´s Fun Pak/Super Star (SNES). So maybe an easy 2D platformer would be interesting.


The games will be bought used (in Norway), and need to be cheap. It is not important whether or not the games support multiplayer at the moment, but that could change, so multiplayer support is preferable.

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As much as I hate to say it, Lego Star Wars is my little nephews favorite game to play on my PS3. Plus, he can play solo or with his brother or myself. It is a fun and easy platformer, where you can die lots and it does not effect the game in the slightest, so he doesn't get angry about dying repeatedly at some points.

You could try Mod Nation Racers for a racing game. It is a bit like Mario cart, but my younger nephew did seem to pick up how to play pretty quickly.

You can also see if you can find a copy of 'Where The Wild Things Are' for the PS3. I do not have it, but a quick look on eBay does show it is pretty cheap (around 10$ USD + shipping) and it is a very popular kids series and according to reviews easy for younger children to play.

Again, not a game series I have personally for my PS3, but you might also want to look at 'Pac-man's Ghostly Adventures'. It is also a platformer, and based of the popular kids cartoon.

Finally, my little nephew does like playing Minecraft on my PS3 in creative mode; where he can just build and explore as he likes without fighting or dying. Support is discontinued, but you can still update it to Aquatic which gives them a fair bit of content. I also recently bought Rayman Origins, which to be honest is more for myself but I am thinking he may also like it. Though it is a bit more of a difficult platformer. I also picked up 'Angry Birds Trilogy' for their next visit, as I know both him and his older brother did enjoy playing the app version at one time.

Minecraft and Rayman are probably going to be the most expensive of these, at around 15$ USD. I think most of the rest should be around 10$ give or take.


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Now,  I don't know if this is a good suggestion or not,  but Sega Genesis Classics...Well probably called MegaDrive Classics or something in Norway...Might be an idea, based more on the thought that he could sample a whole bunch of different games,  which is its own kind of fun IMO.  Then as he gets older he may come back to some that were too difficult when he was younger...

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