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Legends Ultimate Home Arcade (Where are the pinball games?)

Random Terrain

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My sister bought a Legends Ultimate Home Arcade as an early Christmas present for us. It has a bonus of pinball buttons on the sides and 5 digital pinball games, but we don't see any pinball games listed on the screen. Is it some kind of scam where you sign up on the Internet to get your "free" games, then get charged every month after that?






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I got this reply in a PM:


"Once you connect online, register, and do a firmware update, the instructions should appear on your system."


I'm guessing that the machine is too far away from the router. The password won't work after trying 4 times.

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30 minutes ago, Lil Alien said:

There were some units that needed an ethernet connection for the first firmware update, then did wireless just fine after that... Mine was one of those units, but I got mine in October of 2020.


Mine was the same unit from Sam's Club.


I was lucky I had ethernet in the room it was going in.


Thanks. It's too far away from the router, so I can't do that. Maybe that's why it won't connect to the Internet. I guess that means no pinball games for me (or any other games). My sister keeps talking about returning it.

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Now that we're in a new house, the router is closer, so I was able to sign up and download the latest software. All it had was some code for a Zaccadookie table sampler that requires a USB drive. I'm not buying a special USB drive just to play some crappy sampler.


There was no mention of the 5 free pinball tables. I sent the company an e-mail.


Speaking of this machine, I played Centipede for a few minutes and the trackball doesn't go all the way to the right side most of the time. The trackball is kind of sticky/jerky instead of smooth.

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I got an e-mail back:



Hi Duane,

Good afternoon!

Thanks for reaching out to us.

The sampler you are referring to is the 5 game sampler pack. These are the bonus tables that are included with your purchase.

Thank you,

AtGames Customer Support



No, the tables are not included:




I'm expected to buy a USB drive and do whatever that mess says to do. I just looked up the tables on YouTube:




No thanks. Kind of looks like hot garbage to me.

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We actually had one of these at my old company's office (the machine and office are still there, I left to work for another company).


I never played it much, which is funny because I'm a retro guy... but then again, that also makes me a "when I'm at work, I'm WORKING" type of guy.  But the "younglings" had a bunch of fun with it.


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