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Harmony Encore Cart troubles.


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I have had a Harmony Encore cart for about 3 and a half years (ordered July of 2018) and it almost always showed the SD Card Initialization error message but with some fiddling, or switching Ataris, I could usually get it to work, usually with some rapid on off of the Power switch. Within the last 6 months or so it got to be a real struggle, and seemed to only work once (per sit down session of playing Atari), then when I had to power it off to switch games it would just show the SD initialization error.


I wasn't sure what the issue was, and also wanted to get one of my Ataris recapped and modded to output RGB ( I got the Tim Worthington 2600RB kit ) and I use a SNES multi out, using HD Retrovision component cables to a Trinitron).


Yesterday I got the modded Atari back ( a heavy 6er that says Tele Games) and tried it and still showed the same thing, never got to work.


I then tried the Bios Firmware update as I had seen in the manual and per this post as this post seemed to match my issues the most with what this poster was describing

I used the USB tool to download and Copy the Bios several times and used the original SanDisk 8GB card I had been using plus a Kingston 32GB micro housed in a SD card adapter. Ever since I tried to use the tool, it shows a new message saying Boot Update Tool at the top and then SD Card Initialize Error, whether I have an SD card in the Cart or not. I've attached the error messages.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you




4pyzEGvH.jpg large.jpg

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