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Forem XE Pro Version 6.0 Is Now Out


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Ok... so you are all probably wondering WTF is all that about.  (I know I did at first because it's 6:45 am and I'm still working on the first Monster of the day before heading into work).


  1. If any of you actually called actual Atari BBS's (the ones that are up right now, many running on real hardware), you'd understand all of these inside jokes and be laughing your asses off right now.
  2. Others have already done working copies of Forem XE Pro and Forem XE (in fact, you probably didn't know about the new Forem XE BBS that started recently).
  3. You'd know that others have worked "tirelessly" actually getting easy to use setups for this and other BBS software already (and where to find it - though to be fair, that information has been posted here as well).  Oh, and these actually work out of the box, and if you have problems, support is just a BBS login away.
  4. If you think the BBS community is "dead" because you don't see activity in the forums here, you're wrong.  We just moved the conversation to actual BBS's.  I missed about a week due to work, and had probably at least 500 messages to catch up on just on the 4 BBS's I called.


5..10)  Who do you think is going to call these BBS's you're hoping to run if you don't support the community that is already out there?  You'll have all the excuses in the world about wanting to set up your A8 and can't get FujiNet to work or whatever.  Download SyncTerm, it handles ATASCII. See what's out there.  Enjoy the hobby.  Most importantly, get yourself recognized and make some connections, so that when you run into a problem setting up these BBS's,  you'll have a whole community (of people who actually do this) to help you and support your BBS once it goes online.

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And that says it all.


3 likes from actual Sysops.

Edit: - Add one more "like" from an actual regular caller (and perhaps, future SysOp who will find some serious love from his fellow Atari BBSers and will never have to wonder why no one calls... unless his router is broken)



1 lol from a guy who is heavily involved with every BBS topic... but not on BBSs


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Adding one more....
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2 hours ago, JohnPolka said:

And you won't have to pound one of these to enjoy Southern Amis BBS!




Actually, you will....


Like when you realize you hit "return" too soon, and want to go back and reply to the next message, but now you're on the next one.


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