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Music has noise!

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I created a music track for my game and it sounds good on its own, but when I add the code to my game... it sounds like the noise channel is on so its all distorted.


I am using sound effects in the game that use noise, so I don't know if that is what is causing it. I tried PLAY FULL and PLAY FULL NO DRUMS and it didn't help..


any ideas?

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2 minutes ago, Brian's Man Cave said:

hmm, didn't seem to work. Do I need to disable to the sound effect code some how?

More probably in your sound effect playing code you never turn off the noise channel.


If you are following my code examples, the sound_none procedure should do SOUND 4,,$38 and SOUND 2,,0

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5 minutes ago, Brian's Man Cave said:

Ya that was the issue. I had it as SOUND 4,,0.


Another question, is there a way to detect that music is playing. Like what if I don't want any other sounds happening while the music is playing? the song only plays few a few seconds each round.


There's the expression MUSIC.PLAYING that is zero when music ceases to play.


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Here is some more discussion regarding music control, including ways to pause it or to react based on how far into the song you have played. The latter though to some part is compile time specific so you would have to check your LST file for exact memory locations.



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