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Season 12 ~ Week 1 ~ Space Invaders


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Week 1


Season 12 will be Dedicated in Memory of

 Barbara Sullivan

(Mother of long time HSC Player Lauren Tyler)


Lauren Tyler words of dedication:   You were the one who introduced me to the world of Atari when I was born, and in doing so I became a fan of video games.  But more importantly, you were the one who brought me into this world, and I will always remember you for the one-of-a-kind mother that you were and I will always love you for that.


Dedication Game

Space Invaders

(Game 6 B/B)

Space Invaders - Screenshot


CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATOR! Vocelli


Space Invaders

Released By:  Atari

Left Difficulty: B

Right Difficulty: B

Game Mode:  Game 6  (B/B)



Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else.

The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of Nov 14, 2021


Bonus: Beat Your Rank

Finish Even or Higher than your Season 11 Final ‘End of Season’ Ranking on Space Invaders:

Get 5 Bonus Points!


Took a season off and you do not have a Season 11 Final End of Season Rank… Post a score on  Space Invaders:

Get 10 bonus points!


ALL NEW members to the HSC (That means you have NEVER played in any season of the Atari 2600HSC) and post a score on Space Invaders:

Get 25 Bonus Points



Space Invader (Game 6 B/B) Scores

(ROLLAGE at 9900 +)


6995 - Kermit (+50)(+5)

6415 - Deteacher (+49) (+5)

5555 - JasonHRB (+48) (+5)

5325 - OyamaFamily (+47) (+5)

4530 - McCallister (+46) (+5)

4290 - AtariSphinx (+45)

4230 - MarkGriff (+44) (+25)

4130 - SkippyBCoyote (+43) (+5)

3935 - Dr MooCowz (+42) (+5)

3310 - Nads (+41) (+5)

3235 - RaymanC (+40) (+5)

3185 - GBAG (+39)

3185 - Vocelli (+39)

3090 - Jason Atari (+37)

2995 - Keilbaca (+36) (+5)

2900 - AGB (+35)(+5)

2535 - Evandro (+34)

2525 - JgkSpsx (+34) (+25)

2525 - CrazyClimber (+34) (+10)

2525 - Maloff (+34)

2060 - Atarian7 (+30) (+5)

2005 - GType (+29) (+5)

1980 - DomBradley (+28)

1775 - Atari_Warlord (+27) (+5)

1745 - CTelkin (+26) (+25)

1705 - Mchetzel (+25)

1635 - Absalon (+24) (+25)

1490 - MoisesTuseto (+23)

1485 - Nester (+22) (+5)

1465 - Krytol (+21) (+5)

1305 - Lauren Tyler (+20)

  825 - RGC (+19)

  800 - FakeCortex (+18)

  680 - Roadrunner (+17) (+5)

  315 - TheActivisionary (+16)




Scoring will be as follows for The NEW HSC SEASON 12:                    

50 Points for 1st Place each week

49 Points for 2nd

48 Points or 3rd and so forth.


This scoring system will allow players who join later to score more points later in the season and qualify for the Bracket Challenge.

The last 2 weeks of the Season will be double Points!


The Overall Rankings will be Posted Every Tuesday or Wednesday.

A NEW Game will be Posted Every Thursday or Friday unless it is a 2-week special game/games.


This will give you several games to play every weekend!


Season 12 will have:

~ Arcade Games

~ Red Label Games

~ Gold Medal winner pick from Kermit

~ Silver Medal winner pick from IsaiahAustin

~ Bronze Medal winner pick from DrMooCowz

~ Paper Medal winner pick from McCallister

~ Winter Olympic Games

~ Suggestions and Requests

~ HomeBrew Weeks

~ Chosen Company Games

~ Paddle Weeks

~ Beat the leader weeks

The Season should end at the end of April.

The TOP 32 will qualify for the Medal Bracket Challenge.

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Welcome back to the HSC everyone! I took most of last season off due to some real life crud going on, but I've sure been looking forward to this new season getting underway! Before we get started with the festivities though, my sincerest condolences to Lauren for her loss. My mom passed away a couple months ago in September so you have my every sympathy. Losing a parent is definitely on of the most difficult losses there is and my DMs are always open if you need someone to talk to.


As far as the first game of the season goes, holy heck Game 6 is difficult! I set a personal goal for myself of 2,000 points for this round and after an hour or so of practice just barely managed to pull it off. My best advice is to just try to stay under the moving shields and time your shots carefully around them :)


Space Invaders (Game 6, B/B Difficulty): 2,255




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Space Invaders: 3535


Some tips:

1) On the first 2-3 boards, I usually take out the 2nd column first.  This gives me a bigger opening and more time to take out the boss ship that flies across the top of the screen.  This game variation gets quite difficult on the later boards, so I want to score as many points as I can on the early boards.

2) On boards 4-5+ (any board without shields), the top priority early on is taking out the bottom row or two so they don't land.  This is much easier said than done on this game variation.

3) In the middle of each round, I position my ship outside the convoy to avoid enemy fire.  I prefer having the convoy coming toward me so I can fire and have them move into my shots.

4) There cannot be more than two enemy shots on the screen at any given time.  If you want to travel across the screen, this can help you find an opportune time to do so safely.


I find the moving shields more annoying than helpful.  It seems they block as many of my shots as they do enemy shots.



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3320 for me so far . Am continuing to play when I get a chance, but think I might struggle to get much past this score.


Like others, I'm really pleased to be back playing HSC again. And also, what a great choice for an opening game. For many people, Space Invaders was where the whole hobby of playing video games started,  and of course we all know how big a draw the ability to play Space Invaders at home was as a reason to buy a VCS. And as a kid, that was me at Christmas  1981 (I think, although it might have been 82). I was so happy to get an Atari with Space Invaders (it also came with combat and Dodge Em), and didn't care a bit that it wasn't brand new. Playing this on HSC is literally a return to where a life long hobby started!


And the choice of game 6 is great too. The difficulty of the version means a real challenge, rather than most of us rolling the score. Sorry for the long post, am just really happy with this as a game choice  ?



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