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Windows Installer for all necessary Atari Tools


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Hi all,


Not sure how useful this is but I'll post it anyway.  I kept switching computers through the year and found the tools I needed for hacking and developing were not as easy to install as possible.  So, I created an installer for them that I hope to keep up to date as new tools come out.  You can download it from github:



Essentially I put dasm, splitfile, stella, distella, hackomatic in it.  Happy to add others that people seem to need or want.


I also have it set up the path automatically in Windows and the uninstaller removes it all.


It's not rocket science, but it does save me some time and thought there might be interest.


If anything else is missing, happy to add those in too.  Jus thought this might be a way to help people with the toolsets.

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