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How intrusive are Android in-game ads?

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I cannot handle the in-game ads with the sega games.


Tried to play Phantasy Star 2, but the problem that I encountered is that every time I lock the screen for a moment it would restart the game and I'd have to wait for the ad to pass to load the game again. This was a total killer for the experience. 2 dollars to remove the ads isn't so bad though.

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My credo is: if it's worth my time, it's worth my money. I pay to remove ads whenever I like a game. It's just a few bucks and it lives in your account, so even if you get a new device, you can restore your purchases. 


The Sonic port is something special, it was completely redone for mobile. The others are just emulated, they're not as great. There are Sega Genesis emulators in the Play Store if you just want to run ROMs. This is the one I like. Five bucks but worth it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explusalpha.MdEmu&hl=en_US&gl=US

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8 hours ago, Lord Mushroom said:

How long were they?

30sec to a minute, and I forgot the other part that Ninjabba said... if you swap to lock screen, it gets ad predatory.  If you love it so much I'd pay the $2, or just erase it because the ads are so trolling it's kind of asking to be erased out of spite.

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I just learned that games with ads require an internet connection, and I plan to play them somewhere where there is no internet connection (available to me). I had figured they would have preloaded ads for offlne play.


If I buy one of those Sega games, which I assume require internet (Sonic the Hedgehog does at least), do I still need an internet connection to play them?


What if I get a free month of Google Play Pass? Do I require an internet connection to play its games? Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the games on Google Play Pass.



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