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After 3000 years... I finally took out Mr. Big

Cousin Vinnie

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This game is ridiculously hard, the jumps are cheap, but yet world 6 has some the best level designs in the game. 6-1's "junk yard" level is very Mario-esque with most of the level featuring jumping on clouds- not too cheap- not too easy, and level 6-2 had a unique design featuring a new room with rats in slickers shooting at you with guns with slow bullets. The final boss, is famously enough, a children's dime store slide puzzle, played under the heaviness that your dog may be sawed in half in front of your face if you fail. Anyways---- did saved Scraps with 7 seconds left. I'm gonna go lay down.  


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48 minutes ago, Cousin Vinnie said:

I think I hate Scrapyard Dog more after I beat it and I like your platformer BBCQ more now. This thing was stupid cheap. It's a shame.... could have been so good with some easier to make jumps. 

Can't blame you for the hate.  I stomached the game to about 4-1 and just stopped.  It's not just some of the jumps, but the ridiculously thrown basketballs and tires at such a quick and uneven pace at times.  If the final battle was actually a real battle it may have encouraged me, but the puzzle bit is just a huge disappointment. 


Not even utilizing the hack that improved graphics and infinite lives are motivation enough for me.   Regardless, hats off to you, Vin.. great job!

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